Thursday, May 30, 2013

@the Store

ANTECH VINTAGE sound hand made pedals
Echoluxe Analog Delay $329


Vintage 808 Overdrive $229


Vintage Germanium Fuzz $149


Swell~Fuzz $209



Tycho~Octavia $209       

Octave~Fuzz $209


Black Dog  $189 

Black Dog II  $209 


Grey-Sound Compressor $199

Analog Device Compressor $199


Transparent Volume Boost $129


Vox Tone Bender $189


Echoswitch for Echoplex $65

Vintage Custom Wah $150 

Working Man’s Fuzz from $65


inquire on tube driver/tremolo/custom switching systems

Hand Made & ear tested, one by one,  in Omaha, NE, USA.

Favorite Pedal Mods:  true bypass $35~55.  Leslie/Univibe/Small Stone mod $65.  Dyna-Comp to Ross $75.  Cry Baby Vox Wah Mods $35.  biased Ge. in your Fuzz $50.  TS-9 to 808 $35.

Antech is one of the finest ECHOPLEX service centers in the world, handling over a dozen makes and models of vintage tape delay. We are Analog Man’s preferred referral/Service Center.   

Antech Pedals ('96-'05)